Listening and Viewing Strategies

Communication means interaction and therefore both production and comprehension. Oral comprehension (listening and viewing) is very important for effective communication and often regarded as a very challenging skill. Listening (and viewing) is a key step in communication and this activity aims to help you reflect on your listening and viewing comprehension skills in order to find some strategies that can enhance your ability to communicate effectively. The text used for this activity refers to learners of English as a foreign language, but it can be applied to foreign language learning in general.



Upon completion of this task you will be able to:

  • have a better understanding of how comprehension works when listening/viewing in the target language
  • reflect on your listening and viewing skills
  • use strategies to improve your listening and viewing skills


Technology required:

Computer, tablet, internet


Material and links:



Before the activity:

  • What is your level of comprehension in your target language?
  • Is oral comprehension (listening and/or viewing) in the target language difficult for you? If yes, why? How? What areas would you highlight as problematic?
  • Do you use any strategies when listening to someone talking in the target language? If yes, make a list.
  • Compare how you listen in your native language and in the target language. Are there any differences?


What do you think the titles refer to?

  • Open the link and read the text, comparing your answers to the contents of the text.
  • What did you find in the text that you were already familiar with?
  • What new information did you find?
  • How do you think the new information could be helpful for your language learning experience?


Additional activity:

Once you have done this activity you may wish to try a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

Or the following activities to apply listening and viewing strategies:


Source/attribution: Digilanguages.                    Author: Valentina Rizzo

Mein Weg nach Deutschland and other playlists on the Goethe Institute youtube channel might be helpful.

Das Deutschlandlabor is an interesting playlist on A2 level by Deutsche Welle.