CEFRL 2017

CEFR Companion Volume with New Descriptors

The CEFR Companion volume with New Descriptors is now online on  the CEFR website www.coe.int/lang-CEFR.

  • A fuller account of the project to develop the scales for the new areas (mediation etc.) is available here
  • A report on the development and validation of the new phonology scale is available   here
  • A collation of descriptors suitable for younger learners aged 7-10 and 11-14 respectively is available  here

The new descriptor scales cover various aspects of mediating text, mediating concepts, mediating communication, online interaction and plurilingual/pluricultural competence. In addition, the original 2001 scales have been supplemented with new descriptors that improve the description, particularly at A1 and the C-levels.