MOOC Directory

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is an online course, available over the internet, and open to anyone.  MOOCs are usually free, with a similar format to traditional higher education courses; students watch lectures, read assigned material, participate in discussions and forums, and complete quizzes and tests on the course material.

The table below is a list of language MOOCs which may complement your existing language course and support independent learning.


 MOOC TitleLanguageDescription
Future LearnFuture Learn - SpanishSpanish- Spanish for Beginners 1: Meeting and Greeting
- Spanish for Beginners 2: People and Places
- Spanish for Beginners 5: Getting Things Done
- Spanish for Beginners 6: Out and About
Future LearnFuture Learn
ItalianLearn how to speak basic Italian. In over six weeks you will develop the skills to interact in common conversational situations.
You’ll develop your listening and speaking skills week by week through watching short videos. These videos will show you common communicative situations and introduce sentences frequently used in spoken Italian as well as vocabulary and grammar patterns.

This course draws on the educator’s’ expertise in teaching Italian as a second language at the University for Foreigners of Siena.
Get Ready: Education GeneralThis MOOC has been designed to address the needs of students making this transition from 2nd to 3rd level education. The MOOC is available to students from transition year to leaving certificate and further education colleges around Ireland. The MOOC combines online content with optional teacher led classroom activities, online forums and quizzes. Digital Badges are awarded to participants.
Move MeMoveMe ProjectEnglish
The MOVE-ME project will create a learning path supporting learners in the acquisition of the competences and skills necessary for understanding academic texts, written and oral, relating to specific disciplines, developing the ability to produce academic texts writing of various genres.
Tandem MOOCSpanishThis six-week course will help you develop speaking strategies by getting in contact with native speakers of Spanish or English. Improve your speaking fluency doing tandem tasks with native speakers of your target language. If you are a Spanish-speaking student of English or an English-speaking student of Spanish, this tandem MOOC is ideal for you!
French Language MOOCFrenchThis course contains a program of learning activities for the classroom and outside the classroom for French language students.
Erasmus OLSErasmus+ OLS MoocEnglish
Erasmus+ offers opportunities to study, train, gain work experience or volunteer abroad and one of its strategic objectives is to strengthen linguistic skills and support language learning.
Corpus Linguistics: Method, Analysis, Interpretation

Corpus LinguisticsThe course aims to:
Equip those taking the course with skills necessary for collecting and analysing large digital collections of text (corpora). Provide educational support for those who want to use the corpus method. Allow those with an interest in language, who have not heard of the corpus approach before, a new way of looking at language. Demonstrate that corpus approaches to social science can offer valuable insight into social reality by investigating the use and manipulation of language in society.
TG4 FoghlaimIrish TG4 Foghlaim provides weekly online Irish lessons based on material from current and archival TG4 programmes. Learners at every level can develop their language skills with free, interactive lessons.