Network literacy… What is it?


On completion of this activity, you will be able to:

  • define key concepts pertaining to network literacy
  • understand how networks can be used in and out of the classroom
  • select resources for the classroom and design network literacy tasks for your students



Dudeney, Hockly and Pegrum (2014: 29) define network literacy as “the ability to deploy online social and professional networks to filter and obtain information (see also filtering literacy); to communicate with and inform others; to build collaboration and support; and to develop a reputation and spread influence”.


So, what is network literacy?

We saw that networks serve as a way of filtering the profusion of information on the internet (see filtering literacy) allowing us to gain particular information and stay updated. Moreover, personal learning networks (see PLNs) give students the possibility to personalise their own learning, blurring the distinction between the classroom and the world, and leading to lifelong academic and professional development.

Network literacy is also about teaching students how to access and manage new ways to reach target audiences, identify collaborators and supporters, and spread influence (M. Pegrum, “I link, therefore I am”: as a core digital literacy, E-learning and Digital Media).

As teachers, we can help students choose relevant networks that are both educationally and professionally relevant.  We can help them use and make the most of PLNs, in and out of the classroom.

‘Tended to, curated and expanded over a lifetime, PLNs can serve as information filters, learning spaces, and platforms for collaboration and dissemination’, Dudeney, Hockly and Pegrum (2014: 29).

They are a core component of connectivism, an educational approach espoused by George Siemens.


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Source/attribution:  Digilanguages.         Author: Alexandre Jacquot

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