Everyday life in the target language country

Students travelling on their Mobility Programme may have little knowledge of everyday and practical matters that will arise during their stay. This activity allows you to practice listening to and viewing information in your target language, while exploring the practical issues and challenges of everyday life in your Mobility Programme destination.  The more information you have about the practicalities of living in your host country before you go, the easier the transition to the Mobility Programme will be.

On completion of this task, you will be able to:

  • describe aspects of everyday life in the target language country where you intend to complete your Mobility Programme. These include food and drink, accommodation, looking for work, social life, etc.



The resources provided present material relating to everyday life in your Mobility Programme destination

  1. Click on the appropriate tab for your target language below.
  2. Follow the links to access videos, activities and information.
  3. Further your knowledge by searching for other information about the city you will be visiting.
    • Are there networks or groups you can join to help you interact with other international students at your destination university?
  4. Share the information on the class blog or online discussion boards.


To learn more about transitioning to language learning environments.


The following table provides you with some activities under the theme of Transitions and Contexts, click on the appropriate link to access each activity.


Similar activitiesDescription
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Student accommodationThis activity aims to help you find suitable accommodation abroad while also consolidating your listening and viewing strategies and practicing writing hypertexts.
University life in the target language countryThis activity introduces you to university life in your target language destination, and practice your listening and viewing strategies. You can extend this task by performing research for your mobility programme destination and sharing your findings on a class blog or forum, or practice your search, multimedia, tagging, hypertext literacies by creating your own travel page using an online tool.
Everyday life in the target language countryThis activity allows you to practice listening to and viewing information in your target language, while exploring the practical issues and challenges of everyday life in your Mobility Programme destination
Source/attribution: DigiLanguages Author: Emma Riordan

Some useful links for students travelling to Germany.

Traditions and customs


Irish culture quiz:



Safir English is a free website covering English for living and working in Ireland. It is a user friendly website containing a vast array of interactive lessons covering a diverse range of topics from social/personal to work-based scenarios.  It also includes a wealth of information on vocabulary and grammar.

Looking for accommodation:


France Bienvenue

Pour tout savoir sur la vie française en vidéo y compris les transcriptions des dialogues.

Campus France

Un site compréhensif de tous les informations qu’il vous faut en allant faire vos études en France.

Voyages en France

Avec des exercices pour améliorer votre français ce site interactif vous donne beaucoup d’options pour mieux connaitre les français, leur pays et la vie de tous les jours en France.

Destinations Erasmus

En mettant le nom de votre ville Erasmus dans la rubrique vous avez ensuite une liste d’information utile concernant votre choix de ville : logements, emplois, colocation, des blogs etc.

Guide pour les étudiants étrangers

Ce qu’il faut savoir sur le financement, la sécurité sociale etc.

Visites virtuelles de la France

Venez découvrir la France par des visites virtuelles. Beaucoup de dialogue en français pour travailler votre français.

La fête des rois

C’est la fête qu’on connait peu en Irlande. Ici on a un vidéo court qui explique comment on célèbre cette fête en France.

Les français vues par les étrangers

Pour s’amuser : les clichés qu’on a de la France et les français

Some useful links for students travelling to Germany.

Meet the Germans – A humorous look at German culture

Related activities in the target language can be found here:



Deutsch lernen im Alltag

This activity uses google street view to take you on a tour of a German residential street. You can listen in to everyday conversations from some of the residents and engage in some interactive work. In this way, you learn useful everyday vocabulary and phrases to do with living, working and studying in German-speaking countries.




Looking for an apartment:

  Note:  This website requires a login.

Link utili per studenti che vogliono andare a studiare in Italia.

In questo sito si possono trovare alcune informazioni sulla vita quotidiana in Italia, in particolare per gli studenti.


Quanto ne sapete della cultura e della vita in Italia? Provate questo Quiz sull’Italia.


E se volete saperne di più, il canale youtube di Loescher Editore offre una lista di video che presentano alcune delle più importanti città italiane:

Source/attribution: Digilanguages                      Author: Valentina Rizzo